Vari Longmuir
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Hey - I’m Vari!

I’m a Glasgow born illustrator, artist and mindset coach to creative types living by the beach on the Mornington Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne, Australia.



Back in 2009, I left the 9-5 corporate world to go all in as a solo, freelance creative.

As an illustrator, I have worked with global powerhouses such as Cadbury and Westfield as well as illustrating guests at luxury corporate and private events in some of the most exclusive venues in Australia.

I love the variety this work gives me.

  • Slow days spent solo with music on in my home studio by the beach.

  • Evenings in some of the most beautiful venues with amazing people.

  • Weekends getting covered in paint as I tackle massive wall murals.




As an artist, I’ve had the honour of exhibiting my art at international art fairs as well as creating bespoke commissions for private collectors.

I sell my work via galleries, independent retailers and right here on my website.

The starving artist mindset does not have to be your reality. And telling yourself that’s just the way it is - money or art - is not serving anyone. It’s keeping you stuck and creating more of the same results you’re getting in your life and work as a creative.

I knew in my heart that I could be an artist and have an abundant life.

So I set about finding the right mentors, coaching and teachers to help me get to where I am today.

Seeing the results I created in my own life with this work, it was clear that I had to share it with others, just like me, who were brave and courageous enough to put their art out into the world.


Mindset Coach


Simply put, I help creatives and artists just like me get better at managing their mind so they’re free to live the life they dream of.

  • Are you confused about how to price your work?

  • Got 100’s of amazing ideas but can’t seem to get anything off the ground?

  • Do you feel like there’s no space for your passion when ‘life stuff’ take up every second?

I know I’ve experienced all of these as a creative.

As a working artist myself, I ‘walk the walk’ right along side my coaching clients.

The tools and strategies I teach are exactly what I implement in my own life and business.

These are the thing responsible for creating a life that I’m excited to live every. single. day.

More about me…

curious (adj.):

  1. marked by desire to investigate and learn

  2. strange; unusual.

One of the people who knows me best said this was the word she’d use to describe me.

My immediate reaction? What a compliment!

I’m curious about people and places and how things work.

About the energy that art and words have and how that impacts and connects people.

So me and my friend, Curiosity, decided to leave home in Glasgow at 17 and see what magic and mischief we could find.

From New York to Melbourne and many places in-between, I’ve travelled the world with this endlessly inquisitive companion.

And I always feel like we’re just getting started.

What I know to be true…

  • That beauty and art matter. More so now than ever.

  • That the opposite to freedom is trying to live in a way that pleases others 100% of the time.

  • That the ‘gatekeepers’ (publishers, agencies, gallerists, labels…) are now redundant. We have more opportunities than ever to put our art out into the world. Simply by announcing it (to the world or just to ourselves) we become it. Writer, artist, musician, photographer, poet, actor, entrepreneur… We get to choose.

  • That play is a non-negotiable every single day.