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Do you feel stuck in indecision and scared to take the next step?

I want you to know that it’s completely fine to feel this way.

And natural as a creative type.

I’ve been a freelance creative and artist for years now and I still get stuck.

When I feel this way, I know what I need to do to take the next step.

I get coaching.

Because being scared and uncertain is totally ok.

But staying in that place isn’t.



So what exactly will a coaching session do?

Simply put, a coaching session will move you through your indecision to a place of focus and clarity.

You’ll know the exact right next step for you and your unique situation.


Free coaching point from me:

It is not your lack of social media followers or need for some advanced marketing technique that’s keeping you stuck.


In just one single session, you can identify where you’re holding yourself back from what you want and get help to move in the direction of achieving it.

YouTube tutorials, podcast interviews, books and online programs are all great resources.

I know I have my favs on-hand every day for a shot of inspiration but…


(and make it irrelevant immediately!)


Without doubt.

the 45 minute session:

I’ve designed these 45 minute sessions for you to dive in on exactly that it is that has you stuck today.

Topics might be:

  • The thing you’ve been procrastinating on forever…

  • That epic fail that has your confidence as a creative completely shot

  • How to pick the right idea to move forward with (you’ve got 100’s)

  • An issue in your personal life that’s drowned out your creativity

  • Confusion on how to price your what you sell

  • How to get traction as a creative when life stuff takes up every second of your time

  • You’ve been considering a life and business overhaul, but that’s crazy… right?


 The time is yours.

All the coaching and teaching during the session is based on my training as a life coach and also my personal experience as a creative business owner, artist and illustrator for more than 15 years.

There’s a good chance that whatever problem you’re struggling, I’ve either dealt with it too.

Or coached a client through it.

I use my own tried and tested strategies along with the very best coaching tools.

You’ll leave the session with clarity and focus on exactly what the next right step for you is.


Now is the perfect time.

And you call the shots.

There’s nothing that’s off the table.


What’s unique about my coaching is that there’s zero commitment.

There’s no program to sign up to or subscription to join.

These private sessions are currently the only way to work with me as your coach.

If this is your first experience of coaching, you are in for a treat!

If you’ve received coaching before – maybe from me or another coach – then this could be the ‘tune up’ you’ve been craving.

In just one single session with Vari, I gained so much clarity on a business issue that had me stuck for 4 months.

I had no idea what to expect going into the session but left feeling so empowered and motivated to book another session the following week!
— Elka, dance studio owner, Melbourne

“I had never worked with a coach before.

I consider myself a life-long learner, but never felt that 1:1 coaching was a good fit for me. Enter Vari.

Coaching with Vari changed my life.

The experience was extremely holistic and I felt many shifts both personally and professionally while working with Vari.

If you’re a creative business owner or artist and you’re tired of the feast-and-famine cycle, I suggest you work with Vari. You won’t regret it!!”

- Jamie Leigh, digital designer + strategist, Vancouver



Here’s what to do next…



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a single life coaching session with me, Vari Longmuir.

I used to think that having a personal coach was a luxury, I’ve now realised how NECESSARY it is!

Vari and I have been working to undercover why I’m suffering procrastinating perfectionism. I have been crippled by it professionally and just yesterday during our session I had the breakthrough I needed to move forward.

My creativity has continued into the night, and I’m so grateful!

The power of my mind is interestingly my most powerful asset. Thank you, Vari, for teaching me the most valuable truth!
— - Melissa, wellness entrepreneur, Auckland

“I can’t believe how quickly I grew and developed once I started working with Vari.

I would have never discovered any of this on my own – like other creatives, I always thought business it was difficult. Well, it isn’t with Vari's coaching.”

- Katie, creative director, Brisbane

I didn’t even know I needed a coach until I found Vari.

Working with Vari was the best thing I could have done to find the clarity I needed for my design business.

Vari’s insight and knowledge was really helpful and inspiring in our weekly sessions.

Since coaching with Vari my confidence and enthusiasm has increased and I now have the tools and plans in place to build the business and lifestyle I didn’t dare dream of a few months ago.
— Andrea, digital publication designer, Melbourne

One last thing…

Don’t stay stuck.

Choosing to stay in this space of confusion is not serving anyone.

Not you, your family or the potential clients and customers waiting to buy what you have to offer.

Staying stuck in uncertainty is a decision in and of itself.

Maybe it’s time to make a different one.

– Vari Longmuir