Vari Longmuir
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You can have a wildly successful business and be a great parent.


You’ve secretly hoped this is true for a long time.

But lately you’re starting to doubt it’s possible.

I get it.

I’ve been right where you are.


I’ve been my own boss (and a mother of 2) for over a decade.

And the struggle was real.

I hoped that once they were both in school, I’d have all this time to dedicate to my other baby. My business.

But there was just never enough time.

Because, y’know… school holidays and excursions and basketball practice and class performances and dress up days and soccer matches and class activities that my kid volunteered me to help with (again) and dance recitals and what about those sneaky little student-free days that would always catch me off guard!

I had so much going on.

I was exhausted.

I felt like I was failing at everything.


As a life and business coach to busy business owners with kids, I have a tried and tested system to set and achieve impossible goals without neglecting your kids or yourself.

I know this because it’s what change everything for me.


We thought that the toughest days in business are when they were babies.

But we know that’s not the case now.

What worked then isn’t working now.

We require different strategies, different ways of thinking and different plans.

I teach you a proven rinse-and-repeat system to set and achieve what feels impossible.

I teach you:

  • how to love not just endure school holidays

  • my controversial strategy of scheduling your free time before anything else

  • to start taking action and getting results immediately

  • to use your superpowers as a parent for good, not evil

  • how to create more time in your days

  • to create more balance, joy and playfulness in all areas of your life


I can teach you

how to create

the life you dream of.


Today has the potential to be the turning point for you.

Here’s what I want you to know:

Work/life balance DOES exist.

Running a business and taking care of a family does NOT have to be exhausting.

Burnout is NOT the price you have to pay for being an parent with ambition.

You are 100% capable of creating whatever you want.